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Event-based monitoring and reporting tool for cron jobs, data pipelines, and any other software or hardware that is able to send events.

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Sensorpad is easily understood by business people
Easy to set up
Just add a line of code to send an event
No need to install additional software, no incoming network connections

Sensorpad is monitoring for...

Data Pipelines
Sensorpad is great for monitoring data pipelines in Airflow, Luigin, and so on.
Cron Jobs
Sensorpad can understand cron syntax and knows when a task should have been run.
Periodically running scripts
You can monitor the correct operation of scripts, even if they are run on the scheduler.
Heartbeat of process
Any process, task, job that can send events to a given URL can be monitored using Sensorpad.

sensor events
Collect events from your services with webhooks
Sensorpad creates webhooks, your scripts send events to them, monitoring analyzes the events.

Create rules for monitoring
You set your own rules for analyzing events, monitoring checks all the rules every second.

sensor events
View the status of your services on dashboard
You can define custom statuses, automatically assign them via rules and show them on dashboards.

Get advanced reporting and alerting
Alerts are sent immediately when the status changes, built-in statistics shows the status of your services for the selected period.

Monitoring by multiple metrics

Count of events
  • Has the process been run the right number of times in the last week?
  • Was the number of fails greater than a certain percentage?
Events timing
  • Did the Cron job start at the right time?
  • Does the process run time not exceed the max. allowed time?
  • Does the number of processes that ended yesterday earlier than necessary exceed the specified value?
Values of events
  • Is the average value of yesterday's events equal to the right number?
  • Did the last process end with the desired value?
  • Does the value of any of the events in the last month not exceed the specified number?
  • Does the process time increase in a given period?
  • Does the number of events that return a value greater than the maximum allowed?

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