Out of the box solution for recurring jobs monitoring

Simple but powerful solution for backend monitoring.

What is Sensorpad ideal for monitoring?

Sensorpad is suitable for monitoring any processes that run periodically and can send events to a webhook: cron jobs, data pipelines, CI & CD pipelines, automated tests, etc.

Scheduled jobs

Cron Jobs
AWS scheduled tasks
Kubernetes Cron Job

Data pipelines

Apache Airflow
Spotify Luigi


Bitbucket Pipelines
Github Workflows
Team City

What makes Sensorpad different from other backend monitoring systems?

Sensorpad handles metric collection, analyzing and reporting. Just send events!

Easy start
No need to install anything. Sensorpad is the event storage, event processor, notifier and dashboard right out of the box.
Easy use
It's almost no code. Even a data analyst or novice developer can easily set up monitoring. Thanks to easy-to-understand reports, even the CEO of the company will understand the status of technical services and statistics on them.
Smart monitoring
Sensorpad has many built-in features to adapt to your workflow and detect the real issues in your services.

Intelligent analysis of events based on intuitive rules

With customizable rules, you can set up checks to make sure the service is working as expected, but also to rule out false positives.

Monitoring by analyzing metrics with rules
  • value received in the last event;
  • last event duration;
  • time since last received event;
  • the time of absence of an event scheduled to run via cron;
  • number or percentage of events containing the expected value, received in a given period;
  • number or percentage of events that have a given duration, over the period;
  • the number or percentage of events for the period, started at the specified time interval;
  • the average value obtained in the events for a given period and the average duration of the events for the period;
  • many other metrics and their combinations.

Detailed and clear reports and dashboards

Sensorpad offers several levels of report visualization, from overview dashboards to detailed statistics on received events.

Reports showing the state of your services
  • overview dashboards displaying statuses;
  • detailed information on the transition between statuses;
  • information about each event received;
  • daily aggregated information on statuses, changes and received events.

Sensorpad will notify you about status change by specified channel

You choose which channel for which statuses and monitors you would like to use.

email integration


slack integration


opsgenie integration


Minimize false alerts, get right insights

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