Sending events from chained jobs

We use chained sensors to monitor jobs that run one after the other.

What's the big deal?

Not overlapping events

Since several jobs can be started simultaneously, and each job sends events to the sensor, we will not know which child job corresponds to the events of the parent job. To know this, we need to explicitly specify the ID of the parent event, after which the child job event was created.

Sending event from parent job:

curl -i
    "sensor": "40bb8708-16b5-47ca-a864...", // code of the sensor
    "event_id": 1098, // <-- ID of started event

Now we can explicitly send this event ID from child job:

$ curl -i

Please note that you can also pass a value at the start of an event or at the complete of an event. A value passed at the start can also be changed at the complete by simply passing a new value.