Sending simple event

Sending via browser

Perhaps the easiest way to send an event is to make a GET request to the address of the sensor, you can even open it in your browser.

Sending via Curl

If you work on nix systems, you can send GET request via Curl:

curl -i

You also can send a POST request:

curl -X POST

You will receive a something like:

    "sensor": "40bb8708-16b5-47ca-a864...", // code of the sensor
    "name": "Your job", // name of the sensor
    "status": "complete", // as we send a simple event it completes as received
    "event_id": 1054, // an identifier among all events in the system
    "value": null, // value
    "started": "2021-04-30T00:49:24.258578+00:00", // time of start
    "completed": "2021-04-30T00:49:24.259578+00:00", // time of complete
    "duration": 0.001, // if the beginning and the end of the event were not set, such an event will have a duration of 1ms
    "delay": "applicable for cron and chained sensors", // the time for which the event stays off the schedule
    "next_scheduled_run": "applicable only for cron sensors", // next scheduled launch
    "interval_between_starts": 10.734415, // time since the start of the previous event
    "interval_between_completes": 10.734415 // time since the complete of the previous event

Such event will receive no value and its duration will always be 1ms.