Sending event with value

You can send an integer or floating point number as the value for your event. All you have to do is add query string param. You can send value with events of any type.

Sending via Curl

If you work on nix systems, you can send GET request via Curl:

curl -i

You also can send a POST request with a query string:

curl -X POST

You will receive a something like:

    "sensor": "40bb8708-16b5-47ca-a864...",
    "name": "Your job",
    "status": "complete",
    "event_id": 1054,
    "value": 42,
    "started": "2021-04-30T00:53:41.548845+00:00",
    "completed": "2021-04-30T00:53:41.549845+00:00",
    "duration": 0.001,
    "delay": "applicable for cron and chained sensors",
    "next_scheduled_run": "applicable only for cron sensors",
    "interval_between_starts": 11.060785,
    "interval_between_completes": 11.060785

Such event will receive value 42 and its duration will be 1ms.